This exclusive, limited edition handmade accessory collection is a fine balance of craft and art ~ personal accessories created from a diversity of fine fabrics, leather, and repurposed findings.  Creative imagery flows into these beautifully inspired expressions of wearable art.  2NFrom™ is a revival of some refined materials that have been cast aside as waste products from past creations.  Carol Frechette now brings these upcycled bits of leather, silk, hemp, organic cotton, and precious findings and blends them into a work that is personal and timeless.

The bend of a river, swing of the pendulum, the tapestry of time & space . . . Live to ride the ferry

Get ready for the rainy season . . .

Great unisex styling, designed, cut, and hand crafted by me, Carol Frechette. Water repellant wax cotton canvas keeps you dry and styling even during the best of storms!

The perfect size to use as a wallet or to stash other small items —  throw it inside your bigger purse.  Made completely from upcycled leather scrap, carefully and artfully sewn.  Look at other pouches  
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Beautiful hemp and organic cotton blended fabric creates excellent sun protection hats for sunny climes.  Hand sewn eyelets for ventilation, embroidery detail on the hatband, a sweatband designed to keep your head cool and dry, and a chinstrap to hold it on in the wind. Preached fabric so the hat can be cold water washed as needed.  Unisex sizing S, M, L, XL with custom sizing also available.  All hats are my original designs, hand cut, and made by me, Carol Frechette.



Get ready for the rainy season with your hand crafted wax cotton hat for men and women. Available in dark brown or tan color as pictured here. Also available in a golden color as pictured to the right. Email for pricing and to place an order in your size.

 All uniquely created with upcycled leather pieces.  I'm always creating new handbags with new pieces of leather that I find so please connect with me at
(707) 934-5163

2NFrom logo for handbags made from upcycled and sustainable materials

New products are always being created at 2NFrom . . . please contact me for information on all of our products. 
Thank you!
Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL and in between Contact me for a special size order.

LEATHER WINE CARRIERS — double caddy or single carrier
Sustainable hemp fabric combined with upcycled leather and other repurposed materials for the bottom along with a durable lining makes for a strong pouch for caring and storing tools.  Hand block printed hemp or strong natural silk material is used for each unique pouch.  A great gift for the men and women in your life.

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